Geegeelup Aged Care Facility is a proud West Australian, not-for-profit, permanent residential aged care facility. We offer an unwavering commitment to provide the community with the best in residential aged care services.

Being an Australian Government approved, residential Aged Care Facility, it is possible to feel secure in the knowledge that the Australian Government regulates Geegeelup Aged Care Facility standards and level of care.

Geegeelup Aged Care Facility is an accredited facility.

The facility has 32 single rooms with private en suites, all fully refurbished. This is complimented by large new communal dining and sitting rooms, adjacent to a large state-of-the art kitchen. This flows into a spacious outdoor sitting area surrounded by gardens. There is an on-site laundry; a treatment room and a smaller communal sun-room used by visiting health and well being professionals, for activities and booked family gatherings.

Care recipients are encouraged to continue their independence and to enjoy visits from family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Geegeelup Aged Care Facility management and staff are proud of the beautiful environment and the high standard of care provided to our residents.

Currently, the facility is subject to Covid-19 precautions, which restricts access and activities.

The additional en suites, which include dementia and palliative care facilities, are complete.


Occupational Therapy and social activities occur daily.

These activities are based on residents' preferences and cover a wide variety of interest/leisure pursuits & complimentary therapies.

Monthly events programs and weekly planners are available on the pin-up-board or for residents who wish to have them.

Therapy programs include occupational and physiotherapy based group/individual programs designed to optimise functional abilities, as assessed by the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist.


The facility will also assist residents in accessing complementary therapies – Holistic therapies which are used in conjunction with, or in place of, orthodox medicine (e.g. Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, etc) as requested by the care recipient, in consultation with their doctor (where appropriate). Information can be provided on such services and assistance.